How can I use my promotional flight credit

Some products are sold with an included flight credit as part of a promotion. This explanation shows how to use it via our flight system.

How your flight credit works

You must have either paid in full or made your 1st installment payment to activate your flight credit and your departure date must be within 10 months of departure. Once these criteria have been met you will be able to access the flight system.

  1. Access your Traveller Hub (note: you will need to be signed in using your email address to view your account).

  2. Locate your upcoming booking and select "Manage”. 

  3. Then click 'Book Flights'

  4. Upon accessing the flight system it will ask you to select your departure city, click 'close'. 

  5. Please type your nominated departure point. The departure dates will already be pre-populated to meet your selected tour. To arrive early or finish later, adjust to meet your preferred dates. (Note: You cannot change the destination city/s as per the flight credit conditions). Click 'Search'.
  6. The system will advise you that there are no flights included in your package. This is normal as your flight credit will only partially cover the cost of your flights. Please click ‘Close’.

  7. You will now be presented with flight options to your destination. Your flight credit will already be applied to the returned prices. The prices displayed will be the difference in cost between your flight credit value and the airfare cost. Amounts displayed are the combined price for all passengers on the booking.

  8. Flights returned will automatically show suitable options which meet your tour start and end date.
  9. You have the option of selecting your preferred flight. Any difference in credit value and airfare cost will be payable upon confirming your selection. Upon payment your flight will be confirmed.

  10. E-tickets will appear in your Traveller Hub within 7 days.