How big are the coaches?

The coach size is dependent on the number of people in your group, as well as the destination you are travelling to. We always do our best to ensure that there is ample space in the coach for our customers, with luggage generally stored beneath the coach or in a trailer. 

All coaches offer air-conditioning and comfortable seating, and only select coaches offer on-board wi-fi and seat pocket inserts.

Our coaches do not have on-board toilet facilities, but regular stops will be made when travelling between cities. Typically, you can expect a stop every two hours at a service station where refreshments can be purchased, or an area that includes a scheduled sightseeing stop.

Our small group tours include 5 star hotels but this does not mean that the internal transportation is also considered 5 star. We are confident however, that it is of the appropriate standard you should expect, and that adequate safety checks have been performed to ensure its suitability for our customers.