How do I book my flights?

Some products are sold with an included flight. This explanation shows how to book via our flight system

Once you have received an email from us stating that your flights are ready to be booked, you will be able to use our flight booking system, provided you have either paid in full or have paid your first installment. 

  1. Log in to your Traveller Hub

  2. Locate your upcoming booking and select 'Manage.'

  3. Then click 'Book Flights.'

  4. Key elements of your flight itinerary will be automatically appear based on the requirements of your tour such as arrival date, arrival city, departure date and departure city. It may take a moment for flight options to be populated.
  5. The departure dates will already be pre-populated. To arrive early or finish later, adjust to meet your preferred dates. You may also adjust the cabin type from Economy to Premium Economy or Business Class. (please note: you cannot change the destination city/s as per the flight credit conditions). Click 'Search.'

  6. Flights returned will automatically show suitable options which meet your tour start and end date.

  7. You will have the option of refining your search or selecting a flight.

  8. Click 'Select' to review your choice and proceed with your payment (if applicable).
  9. e-tickets will appear in your Traveller Hub within 7 days