How much free time is there on tour?

Our itineraries are designed to make the most of your destination—we include the must-see attractions, as well as country-specific authentic experiences. If free time on tour is important to you, opt for a small group tour. There is ample free time throughout these itineraries, whether this is 1-2 hours in the morning or afternoon, or an entire day to use as you wish.

Our large group tours are fast paced—there are more travellers in the group and therefore it can take longer to get from one place to another. We do our best to ensure that our itineraries give customers a clear indication of the amount of sightseeing involved on each day. To help you decide if a tour is right for you, please become familiar with the fitness ratings which can be found on the deal page. 

A typical day with scheduled sightseeing can start anywhere from 7am-8am in the morning, with a return to your hotel at approximately 5pm-6pm. On a day where there are long drives between cities, you can expect the days to be longer than usual. We appreciate that rest is important, so at any time you would like to skip scheduled sightseeing, you are welcome to do so. Please keep in mind that there is no refund applicable for sightseeing missed and your tour leader must be notified. 

On those days or times in which free time is offered, we encourage you to speak to your tour leader for advice on what to do in the area and how to get around.

Of course, we are also here to help you, so please speak to our team if you would like further advice before you depart.